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Pizza Menu

Our Farmer Partners

  • Berry’s Creek Cheese- Barry and Cheryl make cheeses from their dairy farm in Fish Creek. We use the Oak Blue cheese on our pizza with pumpkin. The sharpness of the cheese with the sweetness of the pumpkin is a tasty delight.
  • Mirboo North Pasture Feed Poultry- Ilan is rearing the Sommerslad Chicken on fresh pasture and grain. The birds take twice as long to grow producing a more flavoursome meat similar to the French Bress chickens.
  • Wattlebank Park Farm- Situated between Inverloch and Korumburra, is a peaceful rearing ground for the saddle back pig that Nadine rear’s organically and free range.
  • Fish Creek Mount of Olives– Situated in Fish Creek, Mario and Eila planted their grove in 2000 producing award winning olives & oils. Full bodied and packed with flavour.
  • Gippsland Mushroom Company – Anne-Marie and Chris grow intensely flavoured mushrooms at their farm in Dalyston. The mushrooms are harvested daily so come to us as fresh as picking them out of your own back yard.
  • Fresh Zest – A herb farm situated just down the road in Koonwarra, where they nurture and grow fresh herbs from the farm to your table. Fresh Zest has been a market leader for 25 years.