About Us

Our Story

My husband Andrew and I brought the vineyard in 2002 from our current neighbor Bob who planted the vine’s in 1990. Andrew’s passion to own a vineyard started before I met him 22 years ago but I only found this out after we got married in December 2000.

So with mixed emotions we left Melbourne and moved to Leongatha in 2005 – which is now very much our home town where we are raising our 2 children – Amelia 10 and Thomas 7. Life on the vineyard is very much about being part of rural community; it provides for our livelihood, it is the community where we live and how we live our life.

Andrew's Passion For Wine

Andrew is a self-taught winemaker; he has a great palate, immense curiosity and passion to learn new things.  His career very quickly sky rocketed from grape grower to winemaker.  So we built the winery which now has become our cellar door and function center.

The seasons are constantly changing, providing many vinicultural challenges each year. But it’s the variations in seasons that bring each vintage alive with immense flavours and aromas.  No two years are ever the same, so we look forward to the new flavours each vintage brings!
Cheers, Lucinda

Dedicated, Committed and Passionate

This is our secret!

Wine quality is dictated mainly by the grapevines, not by the winemaker. The better the grapes, the better the wine.

Wine quality also depends on picking the fruit when its not only ripe, but mature, and making sure the harvested fruit is immediately brought to the winery to begin the winemaking process.

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