Our Vineyard

The Vineyard

Planted on the outskirts of Leongatha overlooking Knox’s Hill – a distinctive old volcano, the vineyard is planted on red volcanic soil (Ferrosols). The soils play an important role in the quality and characteristics of fruit grown. The red volcanic soil is very fertile and high in organic matter.

The South Gippsland  Climate is cool and affords to a long ripening period, ideal for the development of complex flavorsome Pinot Noir. High rainfall and rich red volcanic soils add to the complexity and unique flavours of our wines.      


In The Winery

Andrew has a saying  “You can’t make good wine from bad grapes”

So it’s very important that the viticulture when growing the grapes is spot on and reflect’s the Vineyard’s unique “Terrior.”  This term refer’s to the soil, climate and aspect of the vineyard.

But it’s the variations in seasons that bring each vintage alive with immense flavours and aromas.  No two years are ever the same, so we look forward to the new flavours each vintage brings!

From The Cellar Door

Spring is here and Summer is quickly approaching!  It’s a beautiful time in the vineyard when the buds are bursting and the foliage is emerging after being dormant for a long wet Winter.

When you visit Lucinda Estate you will be warmly greeted by myself or Andrew who will take you through a tasting of our exquisite wines. We are featuring the 2014 vintage of our Pinot Noir and Chardonnay this Summer. We have 5 Pinot’s on tasting from the 2014 vintage which is the first year we have been able to offer so many great styles of Pinot. These wines have been selected from the different clones of Pinot that we grow, single barrel bottling’s and natural wild yeast fermentation.

On Cellar Door Tasting;

  • Premium Pinot 2014
  • “Woongarra” Pinot Noir 2014
  • “115” Pinot Noir 2014
  • “Happenstance” Pinot Noir 2014
  • Circa 1990 Pinot Noir 2014

All our Pinot’s exhibit our vineyard’s unique fruity, savory and intense flavors. Some of these wines are only available exclusively from the Cellar Door.

For the white wine lovers we will be featuring our Chardonnay’s – fermented in stainless and oak, these rich incredibly fruity styles will appeal to all palate’s.



For something a little heavier on the palate, our 2013 Syrah is a mouth full of flavour! This cool climate Shiraz has a rich sweet spiciness on the palate, white pepper and a long lingering finish.

Gippsland Cider Co is another creation of ours. We make the ciders in our winery with Gippsland organic grown heritage cider apples and pears. Our ciders are just real fruit, crushed and fermented! And they’re also gluten free. Perfectly refreshing on a hot Summers day.

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